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Beware Roof Top Burglars in Borderstan, West Dupont

According to Police Service Area (PSA) 208, there have been a number of home burglaries in the area recently in which the intruders gained access through the roof tops. This happened on our block last summer. The guy went through the adjacent property and jumped onto the deck of the top floor unit next door… then entered the top floor apartment. The young woman in the top-floor apartment was home, but not hurt, fortunately. It’s pretty easy for a burglar to go up a fire escape to your roof top or to somehow gain access to your building from a neighboring building.

From Sgt. John McDonald, PSA 208:

There has been a rash of roof top burglaries in PSA 208, eight in approximately a week’s time. They all have been in the area near Swann Street NW in the Borderstan area and the area of Newport Place NW in the West Dupont area. Please have all residents make sure that their roof hatches are secure, their fire escapes are properly secured and that anything that could be used to gain access to a roof top has been made unavailable or uninviting. In the very near future there will be officers knocking on doors to pass this notifying the residents of the these burglaries. If anyone has any information about these crimes or others do not hesitate to tell the officer knocking on your door or another officer they may know.

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