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Meet a Borderstan Artist: Marwan Khayat


Marwan Khayat is a painter who lives in Borderstan. (Photo: Wiser with Art Blog.)

Meet Borderstan artist Marwan Khayat, a painter. (He says he is a physical therapist in his “real life.”) Here is how Khayat describes himself and his painting on his blog, Wiser with Art:

I moved to Washington DC from Israel several years ago. Living in Dupont neighborhood had a very positive impact on my ability and desire to paint more and to become an artist. I guess if categorized, I would fall into the undiscovered, self-taught artist, Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Christian or any combination of the above.

Continue reading about Khayat and see photos of his paintings on his blog.

I first found out that Khayat was a painter after meeting him and his wife with their dog. (You learn a lot about your neighbors when you have a dog.) Are you a Borderstan artist with work to share? Do you know someone in Borderstan we can feature? Send an email to


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