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Behold, the Trashcan Gods Did Cometh

The Trashcan Gods have bestowed a second trashcan on 15th Street NW between P and U Streets. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

The Trashcan Gods have bestowed a second trashcan on 15th Street NW between P and U Streets. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

For the past six years, we’ve tried to get a couple of trashcans on 15th Street NW between P and U Streets. Since I moved to Borderstan more than 10 years ago, the volume of foot traffic has picked up substantially—a wonderful thing. The laws of urban living dictate that more people on the street mean more trash. Hence, the desire for a couple of trash cans on this stretch of 15th Street.

Soon after we began nagging the city, mainly Public Works, two trash cans appeared: one on the southwest corner of 15th and S NW and the other one at the northeast corner of 15th and R by the Presbyterian Church. Well, the one by the church was taken away after about two days. Over the years we worked with our ANC reps in ANC 2B, reps from the mayor’s office, filled out forms online… and so forth.

Each time we were told that since 15th is only a residential street that we didn’t qualify for trash cans. We were also told that residents would complain about the early-morning pick ups. (What? No trash trucks ever pick up trash early. Please!) One local “leader” (no longer around) even told me that we didn’t want trash cans because  “trashcans attract trash.”


Anyway, after the latest round of appeals, pleas and begging, the beautiful city trash can in this photo appeared several weeks ago at 15th and Corcoran NW. The Corcoran location is especially helpful since the 1500-block of the street is known locally as “the McDonad’s run.” The block is often filled with trash from the McDonald’s at 17th and Corcoran NW.

I am happy to report that the trashcan is being used—a LOT. It is often full of trash, including McDonald’s debris. That guy was right: trashcans attract trash.

My only fear now is that we got this trashcan due to a mistake at Public Works and that someone working there will see this post and take it away.


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  1. I concur, my master drops the poo bag in this can almost every morning. More cans, please!

    Comment by Gomez | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Is it weird that I was really excited about this trashcan placement? It’s really ideal for dog walking!

    Comment by Courtney | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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