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The Top 25 Posts at Borderstan in 2009

A big thank you to our Borderstan readers in the DupontLoganU Street area for frequenting our blog this year.

Here are your favorites for 2009, the Top 25 Posts on Borderstan based on page views. The number 1 post on Real World DC was the winner by a landslide and it was joined by five more postings on RWDC (and we didn’t really cover it very much at all).

Among the other top posts, seven were about crime and/or death (including two about a death at “Men’s Parties”)… three were about restaurants… two were related to arts/entertainment… two were about special events… two covered city services/transportation.

The remaining three of top 25? Kal Penn (#5), a dog named Molly (#12) and Ginkgo trees (#20) made the list.

Top 25 Posts at Borderstan in 2009

  1. “Real World” at 2000 S St NW; a Halo Lounge Angle?
  2. Policy Restaurant & Bar Opens this Month, 14th & T NW
  3. A Death at “Men’s Parties” at 14th & Corcoran NW
  4. Saturday-Night Vigilante Justice: Victims Catch U Street Mugger
  5. Welcome to Borderstan, Kal Penn
  6. SUNDAY: Lincoln Memorial Concert Also Free on HBO
  7. NEXT TUESDAY: Annual 17th Street High Heel Race is Oct. 27
  8. 14th & R: Cafe Salsa Opened Friday Night
  9. The Real World DC: Will They Live in Borderstan?
  10. Mahnke Family Seeks Witnesses to Sept. 3 Metrobus Incident
  11. Gallery plan b Exhibition of Major Works
  12. UPDATE on Molly the Dog: Possible Borderstan Sightings
  13. NY Post: “DC Already Fed Up With MTV Filming”
  14. Co-owner of Coppi’s Restaurant Found Murdered in Apartment
  15. GGW: Metro Map with Circulator Bus Route
  16. 1618-A: Open For Business
  17. RWDC: How Borderstan Will Cover This Silliness
  18. 16th & U Robbery Suspect Was Free Pending Carjacking Trial
  19. Three Gun Robberies on R Street this Week
  20. Why Do Ginkgo Tree Berries Smell Like Dog Poo?
  21. DC Street Sweeping Resumes March 23
  22. Real World: DC… They’re Heeeeere; 2 Cast Members Arrive
  23. The Real World DC: 20th & S NW?
  24. Posto Restaurant Open on 14th Street
  25. Borderstan Movie Fan: My Favorite Sexy Movies

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