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Survey Says: Readers Opine on The Great Snowball Fight

Borderstan readers were asked their opinions on The Great Snowball Fight at 14th and U NW. You surely haven’t forgotten about this now-famous event of Saturday, December 19.

The snowball fight got worldwide coverage—thanks to the fact that (1) it was organized on Facebook and Twitter, (2) an off-duty DC police detective got out of his Hummer and pulled his service revolver after his car was hit by snowballs, (3) there was video and photo documentation galore of everything and (4) certain members of the MPD and the Washington Post seemed unaware for at least a day that hundreds of hipster-yuppies just might be carrying new-fangled phones and other such devices with video and photo capability.

We asked readers to pick the statements that they believe applied to the snowball. There were 10 options and readers were allowed to pick as many of the 10 as they wanted.

“Other” was also an option and my favorite “Other” (for its bluntness) came from a respondent who wrote, “MPD detective was an a$$hole; so were snowballers.”

Here are the results:

The Great Snowball Fight Was…

  • Snowball fight was just good clean fun. 19%
  • Punish MPD detective, but do NOT fire him. 19%
  • [Sigh] DC embarrasses itself once again. 16%
  • Woo-hoo! My neighborhood is in the news! 11%
  • Fire MPD detective from job. 11%
  • Snowballers were menace to drivers, pedestrians. 7%
  • Snowballers getting off because they’re hipster-yuppies. 6%
  • Reaction different if snowballers were high school kids. 5%
  • Charge snowballers with public disturbance. 3%
  • MPD detective took right action; NO punishment. 2%
  • Other. 1%

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  1. […] will any of them match The Great Snowball Fight at 14th & U on December 19? We hope not, actually, considering what happened with police detective and guns and […]

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  2. It was originally reported that the police dept. and the officer involved denied his weapon was unholstered. Of course his memory improved and the dept. position changed after seeing several videos of the incident. If I were to file a false police report I would be charged. What gives? Can officers change their stories until they “fit”?

    Comment by M Butash | January 6, 2010 | Reply

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