Dupont – Logan – U Street

Crimes of Note: 3 Gun Robberies in U Street Corridor

There are fewer crimes of note to report this week. The one trend of note is the three robberies that were committed with guns in the past week, all in the U Street NW corridor area between New Hampshire Avenue and 17th Street. There were also two robberies in the 14th Street area.

Following are the crimes of note for the past week—robberies, assaults, burglaries and stolen autos—that occurred in the Dupont – Logan – U Street area. The area is covered primarily by Police Service Areas (PSAs) 208 and 307 with a small slice of the Borderstan area in PSA 305.


  • Saturday, April 10, 8:40 p.m., Robbery with Gun, 1900 New Hampshire Avenue NW.
  • Sunday, April 11, 7 p.m., Robbery, 1500 block of New Hampshire Avenue NW.
  • Monday, April 12, 10:12 p.m., Robbery with Gun, 1700 block of Florida Avenue NW.
  • Monday, April 12, 10:25 p.m., Robbery with Gun, 1300 block of U Street NW-Alley.


  • Tuesday, April 6, 9:45 p.m., Burglary, 1400 block of R Street NW.
  • April 6-7, Burglary, 1600 block of 14th Street NW.

Sexual Abuse

  • Saturday, April 10, 1:15 a.m., Sexual Assault, 1400 block of R Street NW.
  • Saturday, April 10, 11 a.m., Sexual Abuse (of an Adult), 1200 block of 12th Street NW.

Stolen Auto

  • Monday, April 12, 3:10 p.m., Stolen Auto, 1200 block of Florida Avenue NW-Alley.

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  1. […] quick check of MPD crime stats shows the following numbers for the area around 12th and U Street NW¹ for the past one year compared to the prevoious one-year period. As you will note […]

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  2. Call Marco Santiago – O/(202) 671-6604 C/(202) 497-1060. MPD 3D Community Outreach Coor.

    Comment by Rob Halligan | April 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hey,

    Love the blog. I live in the 2100 block of 18th (which I guess is kind of in Borderstan?) and I am just wondering how I can check up on an incident that happened last week. At about 3:30am on Tuesday morning, April 6, I was woken up to police in our alley screaming at someone to “come out with their hands up!” The cops were swarming all over my building’s roof and the one near me. As a concerned citizen, I would really like to know what was going on and I was hoping you could tell me where you get these reports so I could check it out?


    – Cara

    Comment by Cara | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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