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At the Hamiltonian Gallery: 3 Artists, 3 Mediums, 1 Synergy

Luis Gomez Photos Hamiltonian Gallery Cecile Oreste

Click to view the slide show of highlighting the works of the three artists in the current exhibit at the Hamiltonian Artists Gallery, 1353 U Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Cecile Oreste

View Luis Gomez’s slide show of the three artist’s works on flickr; shots are captioned.

The Hamiltonian Artists Gallery promotes new emerging artists through its So Hamiltonian Fellows Program—a two-year fellowship awarded through an annual competition. Currently, you can view the work of three of their fellows Leah Frankel, Magnolia Laurie and Lina Vargas de la Hoz at the gallery located on the north side of U Street just east of 14th.The gallery hosted an opening reception last Saturday for the exhibition of paintings and installations, which runs until June 9.

Although each artist uses a unique medium, the three works collectively present physically binary relationships and investigate an exchange of energies. “It was an intuitive feeling to group these women,” said Hamiltonian Artists Gallery Director Jacqueline Ionita when asked about the decision to exhibit the three fellows together. “There is something poetic about their work and I hope people will realize the common theme.”

The first exhibit you experience as you enter the gallery includes paintings and installations by Magnolia Laurie. Her work explores the idea of construction/deconstruction through environments created upon masses of broken lines. According to Laurie, she plays off the idea of architecture, building and the cyclical nature of destruction, as well as nest like accumulations like those of birds.

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Stuff You Might Have Missed (But Shouldn’t Have)

Luis Gomez Photos dc streetcars DDoT

The first streetcars since 1962 will hit DC tracks in 2012 on the H Street-Benning Road NE line. The Anacostia line comes next in Phase 1 of the city plans. Phase 2 plans show lines on U Street and 14th Street NW—will that actually happen? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Will we eventually get steetcars in Borderstan? At 9th and NW last week, the DC Department of Transportation (DDoT) exhibited one of the new street cars that are scheduled to hit DC tracks in 2012 (several of the Czech-built cars have been sitting in a warehouse in Maryland for some time). The return of the streetcar is probably one of the most covered and written about public works projects in recent years in DC. DDoT has started construction of a streetcar line in Anacostia, with service expected in fall 2012. Tracks are being laid on H Street and Benning Road NE for a second line and there are plans for more lines in the city. In Borderstan, we can hope that Phase 2 plans come to fruition—Phase 2 of streetcar plans show a 14th Street line that links to other lines on K Street NW and U Street NW. The last streetcar line stopped running in DC in 1962 and the city once had 200 miles of track.

Don’t mess with yoga. There was an uproar last week when locals realized that a DC Council propose to levy sales taxes on services, as well as goods, would apply to gyms and yoga centers. The Flow Yoga Center on P Street NW launched an email campaign, asking people to contact members of the DC Council to protest the idea. Loose Lips over at Washington City Paper reported that Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) each received more than 2,000 emails from DC residents against the “yoga tax.” Loose Lips also pondered, “LL Daily wonders where were these people when D.C. General was so overcrowded? Where where these people yesterday protesting the layoffs at CFSA? Is this what District residents really care about—yoga? Yes! Hundreds, thousands even spammed the D.C. Council to make sure they knew that they wanted their $18 hot yoga class to stay $18 and not $19.06 with a 6 percent DC sales tax of which $1.06 would go to pay for teachers and trash pickup and child care etc.”

Woman Sues MTV for Real World DC cameo. Read the details yourself at dcist.

Young whites prefer cities to suburbs. No kidding—it’s a trend we have been seeing in Dupont-Logan-U Street for a decade now as younger, white newcomers replace or join older African American residents. The Huffington Post reports on a study done by The Brookings Institution: “In a reversal, America’s suburbs are now more likely to be home to minorities, the poor and a rapidly growing older population as many younger, educated whites move to cities for jobs and shorter commutes.”

What’s up with senior apartments at 15th and U NW? City Paper has an interesting story on the Campbell Heights apartments  at the northeast corner of 15th and U NW, “Is There Still Room For Seniors at the New 15th and U?” The short story: This is valuable real estate in a trendy neighborhood. The 10-story apartment building offers subsidized, independent living for senior citizens. The residents’ association voted to buy the building in conjunction with a local real estate developer—and the developer (Jair Lynch) will retain 99.5% of ownership.

Nora Amaya murder remains unsolved. The Washington Post reports that the October 31 murder of Nora Amaya remains unsolved. Along with her brother, Amaya owned Coppi’s Organic restaurant on U Street NW.

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Mystery City #7: What Southern California City is This?

Luis Gomez Photos mystery city Borderstan

Mystery City #7: Where is this beach in southern California? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Here is Mystery City #7 from Luis’ photo collection. Where is this beach-front location in southern California? Is it in Los Angels or Orange County? Choose from one of five choices in our weekly reader poll of mystery cities; we will give you the answer on Friday. The first six mystery cities were Caracas, Valparaiso, Sydney, Bratislava, La Paz and Santiago.

Make your selection below the fold.

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