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Borderstan Movie Fan Reviews High School Musicals

Cameraby Mary Burgan

This week Mary the Borderstan Movie Fan makes some recommendations about high school musicals. Mary’s column runs every two weeks. Links to her earlier columns are at the bottom of this posting.

I’ve always loved movie musicals, and in flight from current Cineplex offerings about vampires and apocalyptic invasions from outer or inner space, I live in hope that they will return. That’s why I went to see the remake of Fame a couple of weeks ago. Walking into the theater with my reluctant spouse, whose idea of an exciting movie is My Dinner with Andre, I repressed the thought that my own longing for an old-fashioned song and dance flick is, basically, adolescent.

My love of musicals does link me and my granddaughters, as a matter of fact. We were the ones who forced the whole family to see Hairspray in the summer of 2007, and we watched large swatches of the first High School Musical on the Disney Channel last year while the boys groaned. I concluded then that if movie musicals ever returned, they would come set in some high school because of girls like us.

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Who Will Check the Dogs’ Genitalia?


Example of a fluffy dog: I have always thought of Chow Chows as unpredictable when it comes to biting and nipping. Good luck checking a male Chow Chow's genitalia. (Photo:

Before reading,  you might want to read the posting directly below, “TUESDAY: 17th Street Dog Park Community Meeting.” From the posting: The Dupont Current ran a front page story in last week’s paper, “Park success may lead to bone of contention.” ANC 2B/Dupont Commissioner Bob Meehan is quoted in the Current story and told the paper that the believes the meeting will focus on hours of operation, the number of dogs in the park at any one time and whether un-neutered male dogs should be permitted on the premises.

Prohibition of un-neutered males in the dog park? I see. Okay…

No disrespect to Commissioner Meehan is intended here; he was one of the ANC 2B/Dupont commissioners who worked very hard to make this dog park reality. And, as a dog owner, I know how contentious these issues can be. I am sure Meehan was just saying what some dog park regulars have suggested.

However, if it is decided that male dogs who are un-neutered are going to be banned from the 17th Street dog park, I have some questions: Continue reading

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Why Do Ginkgo Tree Berries Smell Like Dog Poo?

UPDATE: I was looking at the site stats and noticed that this post from December 14, 2008, had gotten a lot of hits today. I guess the ginkgo trees are smelling like dog poo lately… and the berries are certainly falling on the Corcoran Street sidewalks. So… here you go: here is why Ginkgo tree berries smell like dog poo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have never been able to figure out two things:

  1. Why would anyone would plant Ginkgo trees in a city, especially in neighborhoods with a high volume of pedestrian sidewalk traffic? (Yes, I am thinking of the 1500-block of Corcoran Street NW.)
  2. What makes Ginkgo tree fruit smell like dog poop? Continue reading

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City Paper Update on “Men’s Parties” Death; Report from ANC 2F Meeting

Amanda Hess, “The Sexist” blogger/reporter at the Washington City Paper, attended tonight’s ANC 2F/Logan Circle meeting and has an update on the goings-on at 1618-A 14th Street NW: “Men’s Party” Sex Club Victim May Have Broken Neck.” From her report:

At tonight’s ANC 2F meeting, 3rd District Lieutenant Vanessa Moore provided some details into the police investigation of Sunday’s sex club death at 1618 14th Street NW…. Moore says D.C. police are working with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to attempt to close the club. “I know he does not have any license at that location,” Moore said. “We’re looking for ways to shut him down.” Go to CP article

The Washington Blade posted a story online on Tuesday by reporter Lou Chibbaro Jr.

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2008 DC Crime Rate: Up or Down?

MPD's 2008 crime stats say crime went down in the city. (Image: MPD website.)

MPD says crime was down in 2008 in DC. (Image: MPD website.)

The FBI's Uniform Crime Statistics say crime went up in 2008 in the city. (Image: FBI website)

The FBI says DC crime was up in 2008. (Image: FBI website)

Did the crime rate in DC go up or down in 2008 compared to 2007? If you use the DC MPD’s crime stats, the answer is “down.” If you use the numbers compiled by the FBI—based on information submitted to them by MPD—then the answer is “up.”

I have read about the issues around these two types of numbers before. Yesterday, I saw the following blurb in the WCP’s Loose Lips Daily column: Continue reading

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RWDC: What Glamor and Excitement?

Cast and cew on the sidewalk, 1400-block of P Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Cast and crew of "Real World: DC" on the sidewalk, 1400-block of P Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Luis and I went for a late supper last evening and ran into crew and cast from MTV’s “Real World: DC” on the sidewalk in front of Stoney’s and Halo Lounge. My only impression was that these were a bunch of kids who looked tired and bored. People around them seemed nonplussed. So much for the glamor and excitement of reality TV.

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Labor Day Travel: National Airport Stop Closed This Weekend

Metro will shut Airport Station this weekend. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Metro will shut the National Airport station this weekend. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

If you are planning on riding the Metro this Labor Day weekend to National Airport, be aware that the station will be closed, according to the Washington Business Journal, from 9:30 p.m. on Friday until 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

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Third Anniversary or Robert Wone’s Murder


The 1500-block of Swann Street NW, where Robert Wone was murdered on the night of August 2, 2006. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Three years ago tonight, Robert Wone was murdered on Swann Street NW: August 2, 2009. It will probably remain the most famous-infamous crime in Borderstan for as long as I am alive (which I hope is several more decades).

To date, no one has been charged with Wone’s death, which occurred in a house at 1509 Swann Street NW (remember that the house was sold and the three residents-owners have long since moved away). Attention has centered on the three residents of 1509 Swann; the three were indicted for obstruction of justice in the case.

In addition, many questions have been raised about how DC Police handled the investigation, especially the evidence in the case. You can listen to the recording of the 911 call on the night of the murder. The affidavit filed in the charges against one of the three residents, Dylan Ward, obstruction of justice is here (PDF).

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On the Blogs…

Borderstanians: A few items of interest from the blogs last week: DC’s murder rate is 18 times that of Tokyo, condos on U Street and parking tickets.

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NY Post: “DC Already Fed Up With MTV Filming”

And I am still wondering about his herb garden on the 20th Street NW side of the RWDC house. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

I'm still wondering if the RWDC cast s going to use this herb garden on the 20th Street side of the house. Romance in the rosemary? Peevishness in the parsley? Boo-hoo fits in the basil? Meltdowns in the mint? (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Seriously, what we would do without The New York Post? I did wonder how “The Real World: DC” would go over here. Looks like the whole thing is off and running—the cast, the production crews, the filming, the local reaction from neighbors, nightspots, D.C. bloggers and media. El mierdero is underway. Woo-hoo!

From today’s New York Post:

THE Real World” has descended on Washington, DC — and the locals are peeved. In fact, a whole blog, the Anti-Real World DC, has been set up to chronicle just how irritating filming on the 23rd iteration of MTV‘s pioneering reality series has been for residents of historic, upscale Dupont Circle.And it’s only been six days since filming commenced.

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