Dupont – Logan – U Street

Public Safety

Police Liaisons:

  • Officer Mike Smith
  • Officer Richard Parrish

Borderstan Neighborhood Watch Contact:

    If this is a real emergency, please call 911 immediately



    1. My SUV was stolen from my alley parking spot near 20th and S Street just after midnight on Saturday night. I went to bed at 12:10am and within one minute, I heard an engine running that seemed really close to my window. I looked outside and saw two dark skinned guys getting into my car (the driver saw me looking back and yelling) and within seconds they were backing out and making their way to Florida Avenue. My boyfriend ran out and chased them down until they turned North onto Connecticut. I called 911 as they pulled out of the spot, one cop showed up about 30 minutes later and as of right now, I have heard nothing. Cop told me I should not live in the city and that he left the city due to break-ins and robberies. Thanks for the support dude. I realize that the thieves knew what they were doing as there was no glass left behind and they got in and started it within seconds. And I wish the DC police were a bit more proactive in patrolling the streets – no cop cars were within sight last night.

      Comment by dcdesigncoop | March 8, 2010 | Reply

    2. 2nd time in a 6 weeks that our was broken into (window smashed) while on Swann St between NH and 18th. First time, car was parked next to a large tree, rock thrown into window. Second time, we were the first legal space on Swann at NH, well lit, next to our building – busy area.

      Something has to be done. All you see on the ground these daays is broken car window glass. It’s pathetic that cops are OK sitting outside the 17th St 7-11, ‘monitoring’ the gay bars, but basic things like patrols – foot or car, aren’t done. What do we pay for? I know it’s important for cops to, you know, chat on their cell phones but really – hang up and patrol.

      Comment by Jessica Erfer | October 19, 2009 | Reply

    3. Mike Smith has retired..Not sure who the police liaison is.

      Comment by David Cecelski | October 6, 2009 | Reply

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