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Music: Weekend Lineup for 14th and U Streets

Luis Gomez Photos live music U Street NW Logan Circle

Check the listing below the fold for live music in the Borderstan area, Thursday through Sunday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Here is your listing of live music at venues in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. If you want to head out your door at the last minute to take in some music close to home, here are the places to go—the list is below the fold.

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Restaurant Profile: Masa 14

Masa 14 Alejandra Owens 14th Street restaurants Logan Circle

Wagyu Beef and Pork Meatballs. (Alejandra Owens)

From Alejandra Owens, One Bite At A Time

Well… wasn’t that first Restaurant Profile fun? HA! I think we can all rest assured that Masa 14 won’t be leaving us anytime soon. Touting one of the longest bars in town and a mish mash of flavors, dishes and drinks, Masa 14 is a popular gathering place.

Here’s our assessment of the basics, but what do you guys think? I’ve heard folks wax poetic about the wings—anything else on the menu a favorite?

Masa 14

Where Am I Going:1825 14th Street NW, just south of U Street.

When Am I Going: Monday-Thursday, 5 pm to 2 am; Friday, 5 pm to 3 am; Saturday, 11 am to 3 am; and Sunday, 11 am to 2 am. Continue reading

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14th Street Area: Crime Down YOY in April, Property Crimes Lead Way

Borderstan Logan Circle crime 14th Street NW

Click to enlarge:There were 2 violent crimes in April in the 14th Street area, both of them robberies without guns. (MPD Crime Database)

On a year-over-year (YOY) basis, total crime in the 14th Street area was down 24% in April from last year. There were 29 total crimes in April 2009 compared to 22 last month. However, the April 2010 is still slightly higher than April 2008 when there were 22 total crimes in the 14th Street area.

Detailed numbers are below the fold and are from the MPD Crime Database.

Declining property crime. The decrease in total crimes in April YOY in the 14th Street area was due primarily to the 26% in property crimes. These account for the huge bulk of all crime—91% of all reported crimes last month were property crimes, as opposed to violent crimes, which were 9% of the total.

The decrease in property crimes was due to the decreasing number of thefts from autos (“smash and grabs”), which declined to 7 last month compared to 16 in April 2009. But, the total number of property crimes in the 14th Street area is still higher than two years ago when there were 16 property crimes.

Violent crime stable. There were 2 violent crimes last month in the 14th Street area—2 robberies without guns. This is the same as April 2009 and similar to April 2008 when there were 2 no-gun robberies and 1 no-gun assaults. There were no gun crimes last month in the area; gun crimes are robberies, assaults and homicides committed with a gun.

The 14th Street corridor crime reporting area (see map) covers a circular area that radiates 1,000 feet from 14th and QU NW—an area that roughly runs  from 15th Street on the west to Vermont Avenue/Logan Circle on the east and from S Street on the north to Rhode Island Avenue on the south.

Detailed crime stats for the 14th Street Corridor in April 2008, 2009 and 2010 are below the fold.

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In Borderstan: Live Music on Tap for the Weekend

Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan U Street NW Bohemanian Caverns

Bohemian Caverns: The Jolly Twins Quintet play Friday and Saturday night at 8:30 and 10:30 pm. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Here is your listing of live music at venues in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. If you want to head out your door at the last minute to take in some music close to home, here are the places to go—the list is below the fold.

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New Feature! Restaurant Profile: Cafe Salsa

Alejandra Owens Cafe Salsa Borderstan Logan Circle

Cafe Salsa's Mojitos: Recommended. (Alejandra Owens)

FRIDAY UPDATE: Cafe Salsa has closed its doors, according to the Prince of Petworth. We will have another restaurant profile from Alejandra soon.

From Alejandra Owens, One Bite At A Time

We’re starting something new here at Borderstan: restaurant profiles. Here’s  how it will work. We will throw out the basics (where, when and how much) and you help us flesh out the details with reviews and comments.

Want us to go somewhere? Leave suggestions in the comments section and we’ll give it a try! Please keep your suggested eateries in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area.

Cafe Salsa

Where Am I Going: 1712 14th Street NW (just north of R Street, west side).

When Am I Going: Sunday-Wednesday, 11:30 am-11 pm; and Thursday-Saturday, 11:30 am-midnight.

Paycheck Pain: $7-$30 for appetizers to entrees to desserts and drinks.

Say What?: Happy hour got a bit loud at the bar, but you can still hold an easy conversation.

What You’ll Be Eating: “Nuevo Latino” which is to say, a mish-mash of all types of Latino foods from all countries and regions. Mojitos are a specialty and musty-try here.

Happy Hour: Their website specifically names Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-7 pm for happy hours, but I have a hinting suspicion deals can be had all days of the week at the same hours.

Here’s how a recent happy hour visit went for us. It started with a Mojito and then there was a steak quesadilla or two (a friend wanted more)… and then there were spinach empanadas… finished by another Mojito (we’ll admit these were especially tasty).

Cafe Salsa Borderstan Alejandra Owens 14th Street NW

After the Mojito came steak quesadillas. (Alejandra Owens)

Spinach empanadas came after the quesadillas. (Alejandra Owens)

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14th Street: Redevelopment of 1800 Block to Begin in September

Luis Gomez Photos 14th Street Logan Circle Borderstan

The redevelopment of the west side of 14th Street from S to Swann Streets NW will begin with the demolition of several properties in September. One of the buildings that will come down is the former laundromat at 14th and Swann. (Luis Gomez Photos)

MetroWeekly is reporting that DC’s LGBT community center (The Center) has been given notice that it must move from 1810 14th Street NW by June 18 so that JBG Cos. can begin its planned condo-retail project on the block.

The west side of 14th Street NW between S and Swann Streets will be demolished—except for the former Whitman Walker building at S Street—and JBG will construct condominiums with ground-level retail space. Whitman Walker sold and vacated the building in 2008 and the former laundromat at 14th and Swann Streets has been closed for several months. JBG will begin demolition of the properties north of the former Whitman Walker building (it will be incorporated into the new development) in September.

The Washington Business Journal reported in March that the development on the 1800 block will have 120 condos and 18,000 square feet of retail space.

The Center is now looking for a permanent home. According to MetroWeekly, The Center has been subletting space to several other gay and lesbian organizations: Bet Mishpachah, the Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC, aka the chamber), the DC Agenda/Washington Blade, the DC Community AIDS Network, Helping our Brothers and Sisters, and the Latino GLBT History Project.

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In Borderstan: Live Music This Weekend

HR-57, jazz, Borderstan, 14th Street NW, Luis Gomez Photos

This Friday and Saturday: Chuchito Valdes performs at HR-57, located at 1610 14th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Thursday through Sunday: Here is your listing of live music at venues in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. If you want to head out your door at the last minute to take in some music close to home, here are the places to go—the list is below the fold.

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June Opening for Room & Board; Arts Overlay Update

Luis Gomez Photos 14th Street NW Logan Circle Borderstan

14th and T NW: The lights were on last night as Room & Board prepares for a June opening. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Room and Board

According to DCmud, Room & Board is set to open in June. Construction has been underway for months at the southwest corner of 14t and T Streets NW in the old Taylor Motor Building. DCmud has a great description of the planned interior with photos of work underway.

Arts Overlay Cap Upped

In other 14th Street news, the DC Zoning Commission voted to increase the available linear frontage for restaurants and bars inside the arts overlay district on the 14th and U corridors. The action increases the available frontage to 30% from the current 25%. There are plans to increase the linear frontage to 50%, a process that will take several more months. The immediate 5% increase should allow several projects already underway to proceed. Check out the Washington Business Journal for more information. (Hat tip to dcist.)

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Area Property Crimes: Down from Last Year’s Surge

Borderstan U Street MPD

Click to enlarge: There were 29 stolen autos in the 12th and U Street area in the year ended April 19. Six were on T Street and seven were on 10th Street. (MPD crime database)

Last Wednesday we had a post on violent crime trends over the past three years for three specific areas in Borderstan. Today is a look at property crime trends over the same periods of time for the same three areas.

These property crime numbers are from the MPD Crime Database and each set of numbers is for the previous one-year period, i.e., April 19, 2009 to April 19, 2010. For each of the three crime reporting areas—14th Street, 17th Street and U Street—there are three sets of numbers. (We report on these specific geographic areas because they are commercial strips and centers for neighborhood life, which can also make them crime magnets.)

Unlike violent crime in the area—which is either unchanged in the past two years or has gone up—property crime has declined in the past year. However, property crime rates are only back down to where there were two years ago. In terms of the overall crime rate, it is declining property crime rates that are driving the overall crime rate.

Property Crimes for All Three Areas

For the three reporting areas combined (14th Street, 17th Street and U Street), there were the following number of property crimes by year:

  • April 19, 2007 to April 19, 2008: 766 property crimes (includes 117 burglaries, 309 thefts from autos, 108 stolen autos)
  • April 19, 2008 to April 19, 2009: 933 property crimes (includes 92 burglaries, 470 thefts from autos, 125 stolen autos)
  • April 19, 2009 to April 19, 2010: 787 property crimes (includes 53 burglaries, 397 thefts from autos, 72 stolen autos)

Notable Trends for Three Combined Areas

  • For the three areas combined, property crimes are down 15.6% for the one-year period ended April 19 when compared to the previous year. However, the total number is still up slightly from two years ago, about 3%.
  • As of April 19, the number of burglaries in the previous year was 42% lower than in the previous one-year period, and 55% lower than two years ago.
  • The number of stolen autos has declined by 42% in the past year after increasing 16% between April 2008 and April 2009.
  • The number of thefts from autos (“smash and grabs”) declined 16% in the past year, but is still 28% higher than two years ago.
  • Other property crimes in the MPD crime stats are theft and arson.

Property crime stats for each of the three reporting areas are below the fold.

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May 8 Opening Planned for Cork and Fork

Cork and Fork will open its DC store on May 8 at 14th and Church NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Cork and Fork plans to open its 14th and Church location on Saturday, May 8, “with a grand opening later in the month,” according to the owners. The family-owned business already has stores in Bethesda, and Gainevsille, VA. In addition to wine and beer, Cork and Fork will offer cheeses and fine specialty foods.

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