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Luis Gomez Photos dc streetcars DDoT

The first streetcars since 1962 will hit DC tracks in 2012 on the H Street-Benning Road NE line. The Anacostia line comes next in Phase 1 of the city plans. Phase 2 plans show lines on U Street and 14th Street NW—will that actually happen? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Will we eventually get steetcars in Borderstan? At 9th and NW last week, the DC Department of Transportation (DDoT) exhibited one of the new street cars that are scheduled to hit DC tracks in 2012 (several of the Czech-built cars have been sitting in a warehouse in Maryland for some time). The return of the streetcar is probably one of the most covered and written about public works projects in recent years in DC. DDoT has started construction of a streetcar line in Anacostia, with service expected in fall 2012. Tracks are being laid on H Street and Benning Road NE for a second line and there are plans for more lines in the city. In Borderstan, we can hope that Phase 2 plans come to fruition—Phase 2 of streetcar plans show a 14th Street line that links to other lines on K Street NW and U Street NW. The last streetcar line stopped running in DC in 1962 and the city once had 200 miles of track.

Don’t mess with yoga. There was an uproar last week when locals realized that a DC Council propose to levy sales taxes on services, as well as goods, would apply to gyms and yoga centers. The Flow Yoga Center on P Street NW launched an email campaign, asking people to contact members of the DC Council to protest the idea. Loose Lips over at Washington City Paper reported that Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) each received more than 2,000 emails from DC residents against the “yoga tax.” Loose Lips also pondered, “LL Daily wonders where were these people when D.C. General was so overcrowded? Where where these people yesterday protesting the layoffs at CFSA? Is this what District residents really care about—yoga? Yes! Hundreds, thousands even spammed the D.C. Council to make sure they knew that they wanted their $18 hot yoga class to stay $18 and not $19.06 with a 6 percent DC sales tax of which $1.06 would go to pay for teachers and trash pickup and child care etc.”

Woman Sues MTV for Real World DC cameo. Read the details yourself at dcist.

Young whites prefer cities to suburbs. No kidding—it’s a trend we have been seeing in Dupont-Logan-U Street for a decade now as younger, white newcomers replace or join older African American residents. The Huffington Post reports on a study done by The Brookings Institution: “In a reversal, America’s suburbs are now more likely to be home to minorities, the poor and a rapidly growing older population as many younger, educated whites move to cities for jobs and shorter commutes.”

What’s up with senior apartments at 15th and U NW? City Paper has an interesting story on the Campbell Heights apartments  at the northeast corner of 15th and U NW, “Is There Still Room For Seniors at the New 15th and U?” The short story: This is valuable real estate in a trendy neighborhood. The 10-story apartment building offers subsidized, independent living for senior citizens. The residents’ association voted to buy the building in conjunction with a local real estate developer—and the developer (Jair Lynch) will retain 99.5% of ownership.

Nora Amaya murder remains unsolved. The Washington Post reports that the October 31 murder of Nora Amaya remains unsolved. Along with her brother, Amaya owned Coppi’s Organic restaurant on U Street NW.


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Last Night: Council Candidate Clark Ray at Policy

Clark Ray Luis Gomez Photos Policy Lounge

Thursday evening at Policy: Clark Ray, center, with supporters. Ray's partner, Aubrey, is to the right, behind Ray's left shoulder. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Clark Ray, candidate for an At-Large seat on the DC Council, held a meet and greet for area residents last evening at Policy on 14th Street NW. Ray is running in the Democratic Primary for the seat currently held by Phil Mendelson. The primary is September 14 and you must be a registered Democrat to vote in it. In DC, voter registration ends 30 days before an election.

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Crime Bill Hearing on Monday; Thursday Deadline to Testify

On Monday, the DC Council Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary will hold hearings on the “Neighborhood and Victims Rights Amendment Act of 2010.” Time is 11 a.m. in Room 123 of the John A. Wilson building at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. If you want to provide testimony on the bill, the deadline to sign up is 5 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday); details on how to sign up are below the fold.

The crime bill was introduced by two Councilmembers—Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Jack Evans (D-Ward 2)—and is supported by Mayor Adrian Fenty. Evans represents the huge bulk of the Dupont-Logan area while Graham represents a slice of the area with the U Street corridor. However, most of Graham’s district is further north and centered in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. (Evans recently announced his candidacy for chairman of the DC Council in the September primary.)

Provisions of the Bill

According to Evans’ office, the bill does the following: Continue reading

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DC’s “Secret” Law on Night Parking Near Corners

Courtesy of Greater Greater Washington, here is interesting news for the on-the-street car parkers in the the Dupont-Logan-U Street area:

“DC has a secret law that only select residents know about: It’s actually legal to park closer to many corners than the signs say. Or actually, it used to be, but the law expired, according to Councilmember Tommy Wells’ office. Unfortunately, the DC Secretary doesn’t keep laws up to date online, so it’s difficult to get all the details… Kicking off election season, Councilmember Tommy Wells has introduced a bill to make it officially legal to park up to 25 feet from such intersections, and to within 10 feet at night. According to Wells’ press release, concerns about public safety prompted this effort to make parking near homes easier late at night.”

Get the details about corner parking in the evenings in David Alpert’s GGW full post. However, in our section of town, we all know the corners at which the parking enforcement officers will give you a pass or will ticket you. Some people refer to them as “legal illegal parking spots.”

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DC’s 600,000 People: The Redistricting Angle

Click for detailed maps. DC's Ward map. (DDoT Website)

The very good news that the most recent estimate puts DC’s population right at the 600,000 brings up the redistricting angle and how the increase will affect various boundaries within the city.

You can bet that lots of folks inside the Wilson Building have been asking these questions for some time.

  1. The additional 28,000 residents since the 2000 census is about a 5% increase. It’s not huge, but it appears to be concentrated in a relatively small section of the city.
  2. How many new residents were added in the Logan Circle, U Street, NoMa, Shaw and Columbia Heights neighborhoods? What will population growth in these neighborhoods mean after the 2010 census and it is time for redistricting… to redraw various city boundaries— Ward maps and ANC maps? Continue reading

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14th & You Opines on Monday’s Shaw Crime Meeting

I see Mrs. 14th & You come out of semi-retirement (Mr. 14th & You had been running things for a while). Moreover, she came out fighting in her post on the Monday evening crime meeting in Shaw, which featured Councilmember Phil Mendelson (D-At Large). Here you go.

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Halo: Political Poobahs Turn Out for Same-Sex Marriage


DC Delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton delivered an impassioned plea for same-sex marriage to the crowd at Halo Lounge. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)


Mayor Adrian Fenty and wife, Michelle, outside Halo Lounge. He said he would sign a same-sex marriage bill expected from the Council. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

Luis and I headed over to Halo Lounge around 6:30 on Friday evening for Mayor Fenty’s “big announcement.” We got there a few minutes late, but Luis did get a photo of the mayor with wife, Michelle, as they left Halo. He was there to announce (not surprisingly) that he would sign the same-sex marriage bill that is expected to be passed by the DC Council later this fall.

There were many political poobahs (yes, it’s a word I love) on hand; I spotted Councilmembers Jim Graham (Ward 1), Mary Cheh (Ward 3) and [I think I saw] Phil Mendelson (At-Large). At-Large Council candidate Clark Ray was there as was DC’s delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton. Continue reading

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SATURDAY: Farmer’s Market, Clark Ray Council Kickoff

The 14th & U Farmers Market is open Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Photo: Farmers Market on Facebook.)

The weekly 14th & U Farmers Market is Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is open into October. (Photo: Farmers Market on Facebook)

Clark Ray kicksoff his campaign for the DC Council at 10 a.m., Saturday, at 17th & Q NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Clark Ray kicks off his campaign for the DC Council at 10 a.m., Saturday, at 17th & Q NW by Java House cafe. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Just a reminder about a couple of things happening in Borderstan tomorrow.

Farmers’ Market, 14th & U NW. Remember that the 14th and U Farmers’ Market continues into October. You can get info about the market on Facebook and since they have a public page on Facebook, you don’t have to be a registered member of Facebook to go to it. (Got that?) On the northwest corner of 14th and U Streets NW.

Clark Ray for Council Kickoff, 17th & Q NW. At 10 a.m. Clark Ray will officially announce his candidacy for the DC City Council at the corner of 17th and Q Streets NW next to Java House. Ray is kicking off his candidacy in Ward 2 where served as neighborhood service coordinator for former Mayor Anthony Williams. Ray is running for the At-Large seat held by Phil Mendelson; they will be on the ballot in the Democratic Primary in September 2010. (Full disclosure: I know Ray and am supporting him.)

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Irony at the Dog Park: Fenty and Ray

Clark Ray, former director of Parks and Recreation--and now candidate for DC Council--was recognized by his fomer boss at the opening of the dog park on 17th Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Clark Ray, former director of Parks and Recreation--and now candidate for DC Council--was recognized by his former boss at the opening of the dog park on 17th Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

I wasn’t able to attend the 17th Street dog park opening yesterday, but Luis covered it and got some good photos.

A couple of people told me that Clark Ray—candidate for DC Council and former head of DC Parks and Recreation until his dismissal by Mayor Adrian Fenty in April—was at the ribbon cutting for the park. Some of his supporters were on hand, too, wearing Ray stickers.

Nothing unusual there… but Fenty, Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2) and Ximena Hartsock (Ray’s replacement) all recognized Ray from the podium at the ribbon-cutting ceremonies today, giving him credit for his role in creation of both the Shaw Dog Park and the 17th Street park.

Ironic that Fenty fires Ray, but then gives Ray credit for his good work. I guess I do have to give Fenty credit for recognizing Ray, but some days it is tough to figure out our mayor.

(Full disclosure: I know Ray and am supporting him in his bid against incumbent Phil Mendelson in the 2010 Democratic Primary for an At-Large Council seat.)

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Council Votes on Crime Bill Today

From The WaPo… finally, the DC Council will vote on Mayor Fenty’s Omnibus Crime Bill:

Anti-Gang Proviso Draws Support but Also Raises Concerns

The D.C. Council is set to vote today on a broad crime bill that includes a new legal mechanism for combating gangs, one that proponents say has been effective in other cities but that critics warn could infringe on people’s liberties.

Read story at WaPo. Full text of the bill here (PDF).

Borderstan has had several earlier postings on the bill and related activity.

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