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Greater Greater Washington Featured at The Blogger Beat

ggwIf you read this blog, you know that Greater Greater Washington is one of my favorite blogs. Yes, it’s wonky (that’s its purpose after all), but founder David Alpert and his team do a great job at providing intelligent and analytical pieces dealing with urban issues and metro planning. And, no, I do not read every article from top to bottom. I pick and choose. Do not be intimidated by some of the postings—they can feel a bit intimidating if they’re on topics about which you don’t know the details. So, if you follow GGW, you will like this piece on Alpert and GGW at “The Blogger Beat” at

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On the Blogs: Greater Greater Washington


DDOT will implement Alternative 5 on 15th Street NW north of Massachusetts Avenue. (Image: DDOT courtesy of Web site.)

Two great postings today at Greater Greater Washington… one on the plans for the Whitman-Walker property on 14th Street NW between S and Swann NW… and the other on DDOT’s traffic flow plans for 15th Street NW (Borderstan postings here and here).

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On the Blogs: Greater Greater Washington

From Greater Greater Washington (a favorite of mine) today:

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    A Reivew of Natwar Gandhi at DCCA Meeting

    Dr. Gandhi joined the Dupont Circle Citizens Association for a discussion of "DC's Financial State," along with DC Council Finance Committee Chair Jack Evans. (Photo courtesy of DCCA on flickr.)

    Dr. Natwar Gandhi at the Nov. 3 DCCA meeting. (Photo courtesy of DCCA on Flickr.)

    David at Greater Greater Washington critiques D.C. Chief Financial Officer’s presentation/performance at the Dupont Circle Citizens Associaton (DCCA) meeting last Monday night, November 3:

    I expected to find a confident, intelligent financial manager with a through grasp of DC finannces in DC CFO Natwar Gandhi when he spoke at the Dupont Circle Citizens’ Association meeting on Monday. What I discovered was a confident, intelligent financial manager who dodged almost every question and didn’t seem to know quite as much about DC’s financial situation as most of the audience had hoped.

    Councilmember Jack Evans led off the discussion, framing DC’s $131 million budget shortfall as peanuts compared to our much more troubled neighbor states – Maryland with a $2 billion deficit even with slot money, and a $3 billion hole in Virginia. DC’s budget problems come from two main taxes: the capital gains tax, which will bring in $70 million less than projected (since most people won’t have any capital gains next year) and the deed and recordation tax ($50 million under projection), since real estate sales will slow.

    Read entire posting.

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    ANC Races: 2B-09 Hotly Contested

    ANC 2B-09 district. (Image from Greater Greater Washington blog.)

    ANC 2B-09 district is shaded light blue. (Image from Greater Greater Washington blog.)

    Good morning, Borderstanians. Just four days to go until election day next Tuesday. D.C. city council races—particularly those two at-large seats—are getting plenty of coverage in the media and blogosphere. The presidential race is bringing us muchos television ads, thanks to Virginia’s status as a battleground state between McCain and Obama.

    But, what about local races for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC)? (If you are unsure what ANCs do, click here.) Borderstan is split between three ANC districts, two in ANC 2B/Dupont Circle and one in ANC 2F/Logan Circle. None of the three incumbent commissioners representing Borderstan face opposition for the next two-year term. (Information at bottom of this posting on how to determine your ANC district and commissioner.)

    Contested Race in ANC 2B-09

    There is one neighboring ANC 2B district that is garnering a great deal of coverage—the ANC 2B-09 seat where incumbent Ramon Estrada is being challenged by Doug Rogers. Here are links to the two candidates’ Web sites and to some coverage of the race:

    Borderstan ANC Districts and Commissioners

    • Borderstan’s boundaries are from P to S Streets and from 14th to 16th Streets NW (the center of Borderstan is 15th and Corcoran Streets NW).
    • ANC 2B-04: West Borderstan from the north side of Q Street to the south side of S Street is in District 04 and is represented by Jack Jacobson. He is running unopposed on November 4.
    • ANC 2B-05: West Borderstan from the south side of Q Street heading south is represented by incumbent Victor Wexler who is running unopposed on November 4.
    • ANC 2F-01: East Borderstan (east of 15th Street) is represented by incumbent Charles Reed, the commissioner for ANC 2F-01.
    • Map of ANC 2B districts.

    Finally… VOTE ON TUESDAY.

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    “Missed Opportunities on 17th Street”

    DDOT's proposed streetscape plan for 17th Street NW. Click to enlarge image. (DDOT image via Greater Greater Washington.)

    Over at Greater Greater Washington, there is a posting, “Missed opportunities on 17th Street,” that talks about the good things in the D.C. Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) proposal to spruce up 17th Street NW — and what is lacking. (You may recall that the final public meeting for input was held recently.)

    Last week, DDOT presented mostly-final plans for the 17th Street streetscape redesign in Dupont Circle, from Massachusetts to New Hampshire Avenues. This busy commercial street could use a facelift. And the project will make some valuable improvements and repair run-down elements to make a positive difference for the street. Unfortunately, though, the plan is more notable for the potential improvements it doesn’t contain than those it does.

    Read entire post.

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