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All Hands on Deck: Safety Check at 15th & R NW

Saturday, 15th and R NW: Officers from MPD units were checking every third car for registration and driver seatbelt use. It was part of the weekend's All Hands on Deck operation. (Luis Gomez Photos)

DC MPD ran its first All Hands on Deck operation of the summer this past weekend. AHODs typically run from 6 am on Friday to 6 am on Sunday.

MPD says, “During AHOD, all available sworn MPD personnel will be on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This will include increased foot beats, homicide detectives following up with victims, and recruits passing out specific crime related information.” There were 10 AHODs in 2009.


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Crimes of Note: Stolen Autos, Purse Snatchings

One of the crime trends of the past 10 days in the Borderstan area is nine stolen autos: five were stolen last weekend, four on Saturday and one on Sunday. There were another four reported between April 17 and April 21. Most of the cars were stolen in the western part of Logan Circle neighborhood or near the U Street Corridor; the list is below.

In addition, there were 11 reported robberies between April 16 and April 26, two of them committed with guns (the robbery of Nellie’s Sports Bar and resident Kal Penn) and one with a knife. Three of the robberies are categorized as “snatches” or “pocketbook snatches” and they occurred between 1300 and 1500 U Street NW.

Following are the crimes of note for the past week—robberies, assaults, burglaries and stolen autos—that occurred in the Dupont– Logan – U Street area. The area is covered primarily by Police Service Areas (PSAs) 208 and 307 with a small slice of the Borderstan area in PSA 305.

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17th Street: Fireworks Were Source of Early-Morning Noises

There have been reports of numerous loud noises that sounded like gunshots or explosions around 1:30 a.m. in the vicinity of 17th and S Streets NW. A spokesperson for MPD 2nd District confirmed that the cause was fireworks:

At approximately 0130, there were multiple calls for service for sounds of gunshots from the 1700 block of 17th Street and the 1700 blocks of Q, Riggs and R Streets NW.  An officer was in the area and observed fireworks. A canvas revealed no actual gunshots.

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PSA 208 Meets Tonight… Plus Crimes of Note

Dupont Circle PSA 208

PSA 208 covers the Dupont Circle neighborhood and part of Kalorama Circle. (MPD Web site)

PSA 208 Meets Tonight

The monthly public meeting of Police Service Area (PSA) 208 is tonight at 7 p.m. at MPD Third District Headquarters at 1620 V Street NW (even though 208 is part of the Second District). The purpose of these meetings is for residents to meet members of the PSA who serve and patrol the neighborhood. Crime and public safety news about PSA 208 can be found on the Second Disrict listserv on Yahoo! Groups. In addition, you can access PSA 208 crime statistics on MPD’s crime database.

Each of the city’s seven MPD districts is divided into PSAs. Other PSAs serving the Borderstan area are PSA 307, which serves Logan Circle and western Shaw; and PSA 305, which serves the U Street area. Information related to these two PSAs can be found on the Third District listserv on Yahoo! Groups.

Crimes of Note

Following are additional crimes of note—robberies, assaults, burglaries and stolen autos—that occurred February 18-22 in the DupontLoganU Street area. The area is covered primarily by Police Service Areas (PSAs) 208 and 307 with a small slice of the Borderstan area in PSA 305.

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DC Crime Plummets During Snowpocalypse

The joy of last weekend’s snowstorm may be gone, but there is one positive aspect to the city’s near immobilization: crime was down dramatically in DC for the February 4-7 period when compared to the previous two years. This trend included the DupontLogan area.

For the entire city, there were 157 crimes for the Feb. 4-7, 2010, period; this compares to 350 in the same time frame in 2009 and 351 during Feb. 4-7, 2008. This is a 55% drop from 2009 to 2010.

In Dupont-Logan, there were 11 reported crimes in the two Police Service Areas (PSAs) that cover Dupont Circle (PSA 208) and Logan Circle (PSA 307) neighborhoods for the February 4-7 period. This compares to 48 crimes for the same period of 2009 and 36 crimes in 2008. The huge drop was in both violent and property crimes, especially thefts and thefts from autos.

Crime is also down substantially when compared to the same three days of the previous week, January 28 to 31. There were 219 total crimes in DC for the January 28-31 period compared to 157 for February 4-7—a 28% drop.

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Police: Robbers Targeting Pedestrians with iPhones

This is one of the more depressing Crimes of Notes posts that I have done in some time, especially in terms of robberies and stolen autos. The only silver lining in the crimes noted below is that only two were gun crimes.

The recent number of robberies has been noted by Police Service Area (PSA) 208, and we got the following message last night, which was targeted to the Dupont-Logan area:

Of late there have been an increase of street robberies around the DC Metro area, PSA 208 nor the Second District is immune from these. There is not a specific suspect lookout but there is a very specific target, the iPhone. To help combat this problem we are asking the users of all phones and PDAs to use good street sense and be completely aware of their surroundings.

In other words, people, it is a bad idea to chatter away on your cell phone (especially an iPhone, it seems)… totally unaware of your surroundings… particularly at night… and especially when you are by yourself on a quiet street. However, a number of these crimes occurred in relatively busy areas, including 15th and P NW last evening at 7:06 p.m. (more details below the fold).

Following are crimes of note—robberies, assaults, burglaries and stolen autos—that occurred between January 16 and January 25. There was also a hit and run of a pedestrian early on Sunday morning at 14th and U NW.

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Survey Says: Readers Opine on The Great Snowball Fight

Borderstan readers were asked their opinions on The Great Snowball Fight at 14th and U NW. You surely haven’t forgotten about this now-famous event of Saturday, December 19.

The snowball fight got worldwide coverage—thanks to the fact that (1) it was organized on Facebook and Twitter, (2) an off-duty DC police detective got out of his Hummer and pulled his service revolver after his car was hit by snowballs, (3) there was video and photo documentation galore of everything and (4) certain members of the MPD and the Washington Post seemed unaware for at least a day that hundreds of hipster-yuppies just might be carrying new-fangled phones and other such devices with video and photo capability.

We asked readers to pick the statements that they believe applied to the snowball. There were 10 options and readers were allowed to pick as many of the 10 as they wanted.

“Other” was also an option and my favorite “Other” (for its bluntness) came from a respondent who wrote, “MPD detective was an a$$hole; so were snowballers.”

Here are the results:

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The Great Snowball Fight: Lanier Says Officer’s Behavior “Totally Inappropriate”

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier yesterday issued a statement regarding the around-the-world famous snowball fight at 14th and U Streets NW on Saturday. The fame occurred after the snowballers pelted a passing Hummer that was driven by an off-duty DC police detective—who angrily got out of his car to confront the crowd with his gun drawn; a uniformed officer than arrived with his gun drawn.

In her statement, Lanier called the detective’s behavior “totally inappropriate” and said that he has been placed on “non-contact status until all the facts are gathered and discipline is handed down.”

Lanier’s statement:

As Chief of Police, I wanted to respond to the many messages received to our police listserv groups last night in reference to the off-duty police officer’s actions on last Saturday. I have reviewed the video clips and heard from the public. It is very obvious to me that the officer pulled his service weapon in response to the snowballs hitting his vehicle. I have no doubt about this, nor has the officer denied the accusations.

Let me be very clear in stating that I believe the actions of the officer were totally inappropriate! In no way, should he have handled the situation in this manner. We have taken swift action by placing him on non-contact status until all the facts are gathered and discipline is handed down.
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Snowballs and Guns: MPD “Looking into the Circumstances”

Here is the MPD’s news release on the now [truly] famous incident on Saturday involving a snowball fight at 14th and U Streets, an off-duty detective and a uniformed officer.

Contact: Officer Kenny Bryson (202) 727-4383
December 20, 2009


(Washington, DC)- The Metropolitan Police Department is looking into the circumstances involving the report of officers “pulling their guns” on a crowd that had been throwing snowballs in the area of 14th and U Streets, NW. Continue reading

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UPDATE on 1402 S St.: Police DID Apprehend Male Suspect

dc crime Luis Gomez Photos Logan Circle Borderstan

1402 S Street NW: After a 90-minute standoff and search, police apprehended a woman from the white row house next to the alley. The suspect apparently broke the window of the car (upper right photo) before being pursued down the 1400-block of S Street. The standoff at the house followed. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Friday morning update: Reports on what actually transpired around 9 p.m. on Wednesday at 1402 S Street NW after a standoff with police have varied. The first report, on the scene, was that after police gained entry to the house they only found a woman living illegally in the house (“squatting”)—but that they did not find the man who had been chased to the house after allegedly breaking into a car on 15th Street NW. This morning we learned from MPD 3rd District Commander Jacob Kishter that police found the car-theft suspect in the house at 1402 S, but no female squatter; Kishter cited the arrested officer.

•  •  •  •  •

Note: By chance, we on hand for much of the incident described below. We were walking on the 1400-block of S Street around 7:30 p.m. when we saw police in the alley next to 1402 S Street and then heard breaking glass from a rooftop. We were in the area until around 8 p.m. and then returned around 8:30 p.m.

Google Map Photo of House

After a 90-minute standoff this evening, DC police apprehended a woman from an unoccupied house at 1402 S Street NW, according to police on the scene. There were approximately 15 police cruisers in the area, along with fire department units (including a ladder truck) and several ambulance vehicles. A police helicopter was also overhead at one point. Police blocked off the 1400-block of S Street and residents in nearby houses were asked to leave.

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