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Reader Poll: Are You an Immigrant?

Luis Gomez Photos White House immigration protest Borderstan

May 1: About 35 people were arrested in front of The White House as they protested the recently passed Arizona immigration law. (Luis Gomez Photos)

We thought it would be interesting to see what percentage of Borderstan readers are immigrants. Immigration is back in the news cycle after Arizona passed a law related to illegal immigrants in late April, which led to protests near The White House on Saturday. Moreover, Congress may address immigration reform this year, and yesterday the DC Council weighed in on the Arizona law.

Our neighborhood is a diverse section of a diverse city that is part of a diverse metro area in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and national origin. In addition, part of the region’s diversity lies in its large immigrant population with the DC metro area being a preferred U.S. destination for immigrants.

A 2006 estimate put the number of immigrants at one million in a metro-area population of 5.1 million, almost 20%. In DC, there are an estimated 75,000 immigrants out of 600,000 people, about 13%. These numbers compare to the U.S. population where a 2007 estimate put the number of foreign-born at 37 million, about 12% percent of the population.

The poll is below the fold.

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Reader Poll: Who’s Your Choice for Mayor?

Who’s your choice for DC mayor in the September 14 Democratic primary? The Borderstan reader poll is still open.

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Reader Poll: The Race for DC Mayor

Adrian Fenty Borderstan Luis Gomez Photos

Who is your choice for mayor? Vote in the reader polll below. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Are you a newcomer to DC? You’ve probably heard there are some local elections this year… that Mayor Adrian Fenty is up for re-election and that his main opponent is DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray.

If the local political scene has you baffled, here is a very very brief backgrounder on mayoral elections before we get to the reader poll. And, for coverage of DC politics, here are some suggestions.

Read the Washington City Paper; its “City Desk” and “Loose Lips” columns/blogs are very informative. The DC Agenda (the weekly gay newspaper) is another good source of information on DC politics as WAMU-88.5 FM. Naturally, the Post covers local politics in detail and the dcist is another good online source of city news.

As noted, the race for DC mayor is underway. Since this is an overwhemingly Democratic city, the Democratic Primary in September (on the 14th this year) has always determined the winner; the November general election is an afterthought. In 2006, the Republican and Green Party candidates got 6% and 4%  of the vote, respectively.

Just how Democratic is DC? There are 12 members of the DC Council and a Council chairman. The city’s homerule charter actually reserves two spots for the non-majority party (the Democrats). Both of those seats are now held by independents (David Catania a former Republican and Michael Brown, who is really a Democrat).

The only time there was a serious general election campaign was 1994 when former Councilmember Carol Schwartz got 42% of the vote as a [liberal] Republican. She was running against Marion Barry who was making a comeback after four years out of office; he is now a member of the DC Council from Ward 8 (there is much more to the Barry story, as you undoubtedly know).

Let’s see how Borderstan readers feel about the race for mayor, specifically the September 14 Democratic primary. (Other declared candidates are Leo Alexander and Donna Alston.) It will be interesting to compare our readers versus those of the Prince of Petworth, who recently ran a poll. We will also have reader polls soon for the At-Large Council seats and the Council Chairman.

Note: DC’s primaries are “closed”—you must be registered in a party in order to vote in its primary. Moreover, if you are not registered in a party, you are ineligible to vote in any primary. If you want to vote in the September 14 Democratic primary (or the Republican or the Statehood Green Party), you must be a member of that party.

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Mystery City #3: What City is This?

What city is this? Vote below. (Luis Gomez)

We bring you another mystery city compliments of Luis Gomez. Make your best guess on the city and vote in the reader poll below; we will give you the answer on Friday.

Our first mystery city was Caracas and last week’s mystery city was Valparaiso.

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What City is This?

What city is this? (Luis Gomez Photos)

We bring you another mystery city compliments of Luis Gomez (he has 45 countries on his travel belt). Make your best guess on the city and vote in the reader poll below. The answer will be provided Monday. Our first mystery city was Caracas, Venezuela.

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Survey Says: Half of Readers are 20-Something

The most recent Borderstan reader poll asked, How Old Are You? The big winner is 20-somethings at 49% with 30-somethings in second place at 24%.

  • 20 and under: 0%
  • 21 to 30: 49%
  • 31 to 40: 24%
  • 41 to 50: 19%
  • 51 to 60: 7%
  • 61 to 70: 2%
  • 71 and up: 0%

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